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Mash by Ippolito Fleitz | Restaurant by Day Club by Night

Mash is an interesting concept in Stuttgart, Germany which serves as a café by day, restaurant for lunch and dinner, and a club by night designed by local architects Ippolito Fleitz.

The bar divides the elongated room into three clearly differentiated zones that can be used individually. Each of these zones can be further subdivided by means of string curtains. The main area can therefore be rescaled and redesigned at will according to the type and size of event, without ever losing its intimate feel.


The rear walls of the niches and the front side of the bar are covered with shell limestone flagging which is subtly illuminated by halogen lighting.

The individual areas are connected by a continuous mauve-colored floor, which provides a striking contrast to the industrial architecture of the listed space. The key feature however of the space is the suspended decorated ceiling of printed tiles.


A gigantic surrealist collage designed by Stuttgart artist Monica Trenkler was printed on the tiles at  specialist printers. The whole effect directs the visitor’s attention towards the ceiling. The ceiling collage becomes a source of identity for the newly refurbished Mash, and can also be found in its redesigned corporate design and the club’s print publications.


For more info on the venue visit: www.mash-stuttgart.de

Photos and information Source: Ippolito Fleitz

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