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Yves Saint Laurent Promoting Its Own Cigarette Label

As we all know we shouldn’t believe all we see. At the end all brands promote what the market needs or thinks it needs. Yves Saint Laurent established a great image among the ‘green’ community by coming up with their limited edition "Muse Two Artisanal" bag is made from recycled materials by impoverished women in Burkina Faso , on the other hand they’ve been selling their own cigarette label since 1989 marketed towards women in Asia and Russia, talk about double standard.

The advertisement for their cigarettes, features a model that looks  like Kate Moss, “who came under fierce criticism when she smoked on the Louis Vuitton catwalk earlier this year.”

With smoking being heavily responsible for many of today’s diseases, I hope such influential industries such as fashion would stop promoting smoking as “fashionable” and realize they have their social responsibilities as well.

[The Daily News]

David Beckham to Launch Body Wear Line

It seems not only Victoria Beckham is deep into the fashion industry, David Beckham with the help of  his business partner, Simon Fuller, are gearing up to launch a men’s bodywear line, a new men’s fragrance, and a number of other projects on the drawing board.

“It’s not my natural inclination to see myself as a brand, I’m just a person who has been fortunate to explore other interests and passions outside of the game I love,” said Beckham of his upcoming off-field ventures with Fuller. “I will always be associated with my sport but I am now working across other areas that will continue long after my career has finished.”


Beckham was the world’s fifth-highest-paid athlete last year, according to Forbes, taking home $43.7 million in salary and endorsements. His current and past endorsements, include Emporio Armani, Adidas, Electronic Arts, Diet Pepsi, Yahoo, Castrol, M&S, Motorola and Police sunglasses. Beckham, 36, and Fuller are mapping out a long-term strategy that will keep the soccer star’s name in the spotlight — and a steady stream of income flowing to the business partners — once he retires from the game.


The Style of Jolie | Jewelry by Angelina Jolie Launched

According to eOnline.com, Humanitarian actress Angelina Jolie, together with designer Robert Procop (ex CEO of Asprey) , has just launched a jewelry line called Style of Jolie, in Beverly Hills and is on display at Julien’s Auction House. The line will be for private viewing by invitation only. The money raised will be for Education for Children of Conflict.

According to Robert Procop’s website , they wanted this collection as elegant as Angelina Jolie is with her wonderful spirit and humanitarian heart. Robert Procop described this collection as reflecting Angelina Jolie’s various magnificent qualities and talents. Feminine yet bold. Each piece was uniquely designed, and the gems were carefully chosen.

You will find in the description of each piece the details and types used. Some pieces are labeled as “unique”; bearing in mind the aim behind this collection is providing a better life for those who are in need.




History of Gucci’s Iconic Bamboo Bag | Fashion

2011 marks Gucci’s 90th birthday, a lot of events have been taking place since last year for this occasion. Among these events were the introduction of the Fiat 500 and the new bamboo, with a display of its evolution in Gucci History.

Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini presents The New Bamboo, a 21st century reinterpretation of one of Gucci’s most iconic handbag designs. In reinventing this House classic, Giannini blends tradition with high-tech innovation, and history with high-fashion.

Back in 1947, Italy was just beginning to emerge from the devastation of World War II. Many commodities, including imported leather, were simply not available. For any other luggage and handbag maker, that shortage could have resulted in an insurmountable challenge, but not Gucci. To compensate for the lack of leather, Gucci artisans got creative and crafted a handle out of burnished Japanese bamboo. They then applied it to a pebbled pigskin purse. The result? The Bamboo Bag, which is as timeless today as it was back then.


What Shoe Will the Princess Choose? | Fashion


With all the events taking place around us and with the easy access we all have to it, rarely does a story keep people’s attention for a period long enough. However when a new princess is to be crowned, and when a royal wedding for Lady Diana’s son is scheduled, news and gossip  keep flooding. With the royal event getting nearer, all media and fashion enthusiasts are just anticipating the every single detail starting from the wedding gown, jewelry, hair, makeup, venue, and in this post, the SHOES. When asked, some of the industry’s best designers sketched what she could possibly wear on her wedding. Below are the sketches and description of their vision.

 1.Manolo Blahnik
An ivory silk pump with organza lilies of the valley and sea pearls  is what famous designer Manolo Blahnik has in mind. “It represents springtime and everything fresh and new, which is what Kate Middleton is all about.”

0 manoloblahnik

2.Giuseppe Zanotti



Lebanese Jeweler Mouawad Introduces the World’s Most Expensive Bag

Another world record broken by a Lebanese company. This time its not hummus or tabbouleh, but an elegant purse. Taking its inspiration from one of the world’s most epic tales of romance, intrigue and fantasy, Mouawad introduces the “The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse”. With a value of USD3.8 million, this breathtaking creation from the globally renowned House of Mouawad takes its place in the Guinness World Record as the most valuable handbag in the world.

“Just as the tales of Scheherazade have captivated readers with their intricately woven plots of uninhibited passion and daring, so the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is designed to mesmerize with its lavish attention to detail and elaborate workmanship incorporating thousands of diamonds,” said Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad.

The heart-shaped purse, handcrafted from 18kt gold, incorporates 4,517 diamonds (105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless) with a total weight of 381.92 carats. “To create this bejeweled masterpiece required the skills of 10 craftsmen working continuously over a period of four months and for a total of 1,100 hours” said Fred Mouawad, co-guardian of the House of Mouawad.

The exceptional level of craftsmanship exemplified by the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse has been a hallmark of the Mouawad name since the company was founded in 1890. From those early days Mouawad rose to global prominence through its passion for precious gems and mastery in the art of creating some of the world’s most breathtaking jewelry. “The 1001 Nights Mouawad Diamond Purse” is the second record-breaking creation from the House of Mouawad.

Source: Mouawad Press Release

Handmade Tribal Designs by Pamela love | Jewelry

Pamela Love is an artist, jewelry designer, and drummer living and working in New York. She started her line in 2006 after working as an assistant to a painter. She  gets her creative juices from tribal Indian and Africa, but this time, rather than channeling warriors, the jewelry is more spiritual, less violent. Pamela is inspired by religious imagery and traditional African and South American Jewelry. Every piece is handmade in New York.


Hello Kitty Exclusive for Sephora | Makeup

Sephora Beauty Insiders have been treated to a private, two-day event that allows for the viewing and purchasing of the Hello Kitty line, which is exclusively at Sephora.  It will launch officially in-stores and returning online in mid-January. The line is expected to be a hit, I am sure the ladies in Kuwait will be thrilled to get their hands on them!



Tiret Customizes a $250,000 Watch for Usher

Hip-hop musical artist Usher commissioned a special one of a kind watch from New York based jeweler and watch maker recently and the result, this brand new bling-ful Tiret. The Usher watch has an oblong oval shaped case with a self portrait in diamonds on the dial. Containing two Swiss ETA chronograph quartz movements, the watch technically can tell the time in two places.

Made of all natural stones, the watch features almost 10 carats of white and yellow diamonds on it and 1106 stones all over the watch. And just for the blatant use of diamonds, the wristy was recently featured in a diamond exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London among others. The other USP of the watch is that it is an interesting look into the life of Usher, and at the types of products that Tiret makes.

Usher paid a cool $250,000 for the bespoke watch, which comes in a box that doubles as a humidor for 78 cigars.



Bottle Opener Cufflinks | Gift Ideas for Him

I love when a man wears cufflinks. The choice tells alot about his personality. I also like it when the cufflinks make a statement. These Bottle Opener Cufflinks for instance are not just a fashion statement but a fun solution.  With these cufflinks, the man is able to take the edge off awkward socialization at dressy events, sparking a conversation point at the open bar as he reveals the double usage of his wardrobe.

The cufflinks come off and the party is on- the one saving grace of those uncomfortable situations that dominate the instances of needing to dress like a penguin.

The stainless steel links have a bullet back and really do work as a fully functional bottle opener. The smooth design makes this playful modern gift more than just a novelty- they still put an ironically classy finishing touch to even the most formal outfit. Whether it’s a gift for you or a gift for him this piece allows expression through wardrobe and will stand out in the crowd.

The pair costs around $50.

Where to Buy: Think Geek

Source: foKal