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Icelandic Volcanoes by Marcel Musil | Photography

Impressive photos of Icelandic Volcanoes by Marcel Musil.

Photographer From Lebanon: Fady Nammour | Photography

Fady Nammour is a Lebanese photographer whose talent can not be missed.The way he captures landscape and natural scenery is just breathtaking. I selected a few of my favorite photos from his collection to share them with you.

Through his lens  you get to relive the moment he captured. There is no need to say much, checking out the photos is enough to take you where they took me.




Mher Krikorian| Photographer from Lebanon

Mher Krikorian is a young talented photographer from Lebanon. I came across his work after following him on twitter and realizing his passion for what he does best, hang around Beirut and “Shoot with his Canon”.

His input is very touching, through his “Life is Awesome” collection, not only did he attach pamphlets with his own words, he spread them in a way that made passersby smile and even if for a moment, think of how “awesome” life is.




Jakob Wagner Living Cities| Photography

Jakob Wagner is a German photographer with breathtaking talents. Among his work you will find some of the most beautiful city and landscape photography using long exposure and Photoshop, giving the photos a different breath of life. Below are some of his photos and details, you can check his website or contacts for more information.


Eiffel Tower A French Beauty | Icons

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Life has a beautiful slide show of the Eiffel tower’s history and what it has passed through since it was being constructed. An Icon so strong it has become the symbol of an an entire country. I will leave you enjoy the images and their description. You can check the original slide show here.

Composite Photography by Jim Kazanjian | Photography

Portland artist Jim Kazanjian once worked as a commercial CGI artist for television, fashion, and game production and now channels that talent into composite photography. The beauty in his work is that the composition is so seamless making the photos very believable. Thankful should we be that they are not real images, most of them seem like they were meant for a horror movie.



Reuters Best of the Year 2010 | Photography

Reuters photographers produce over half a million images every year. Some pictures define an event, others capture a moment revealing an aspect of the human condition. Reuters have chosen 55 of their photos to represent the best of the year. It is amazing how these photos summarize the world events. I chose a few of my favorites, some others were too graphic for me to handle.


Quirky and Witty with Gary Salter | Photography

Gary Salter is a photographer based in London who produces bold images with a distinctive and unique photographic style and quirky sense of humor.



Alexandre Orion | Humor with Graffiti & Photography



Alexandre Orion, aged 27, was born in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a photographer and artist, having graduated in Visual Arts. He has been working with graffiti and heavily involved in urban intervention since 1995. As a self-taught photographer, he became involved in the theory and practice of photography in 2001. Recently he has been looking at images composed by using both painting and photography. His work subtly but provocatively explores boundaries between languages and their capabilities for abstraction and representation from both the conceptual and formal point of view.


‘ Food’ Landscapes by Carl Warner | Photography

When you first check out these images, you think they are just the ordinary photos of food markets or landscape sceneries, look closed and you will realize that every element in the photo is made of a food item. These are real photos made with food, or as Carl Warner likes to call them ‘Foodscapes’. The links were sent to me by a lovely reader NS, thank you.