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From My Kitchen | Beef Strogonoff

This blog is 5 months today, I am overwhelmed with everyone’s feedback keep them coming! For this month I am sharing another one of my favorite recipes: Beef Strogonoff. I have no idea if this is the original recipe I got from mom as I tend to change some ingredients or methods with time. Yet I still promise you, it is one of the best recipes you will ever come across, you will love it!


1 KG Beef sliced julienne

2 TBS Flour

pinch of black pepper

1 TBS Oil (I use canola for health benefits)

2 Large onions diced

300-500 gr Fresh mushrooms sliced

5 green (spring) onions

2 pcs bouillon (chicken stock)

1 tomato peeled and diced ( it can be easily peeled once put in very hot water for a while)

1 Liter Whipping Cream

2 TBS dried oregano

First mix the beef with the pepper and flour. In the meantime heat the oil, start adding the onions and flip until withered. Add the beef and keep stirring until there is no pink in the meat. Add the mushrooms, the green onions, the tomatoes, and chicken stock. Mix all together then add the whipping cream and let them all integrate together and thicken. Once you feel it is done, which is just a few minutes until the cream heats and starts boiling, add the dried oregano, mix and turn the heat off. Try it, you might like to add salt depending on your taste. Be careful not to overcook and burn the cream. For best results you can use cream specially made for cooking.

It is best devoured with tagliatelle pasta or plain white rice as shown in photos above.

Bon Appétit!