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Trussardi Relaunches Furniture by Michael Young

In celebration of its 100th anniversary and for the Milan Furniture Fair 2011, Trussardi relaunches the Trussardi Design brand through a new collaboration with world renowned designer Michael Young. During  Milan’s Furniture Fair 2011, Trussardi presented at Palazzo Trussardi Alla Scala in Piazza della Scala 5 a collection that Michael Young designed to relaunch the Trussardi Design brand. Inspired by Trussardi’s commitment to product design that was amply developed in the eighties and nineties, Michael Young’s collection is the result of his research of Trussardi’s archives to review the history of the brand and its values and transform it into inspiration for his new contemporary products.


This is a spectacular collection although small, but the finishing and the details only imply luxury at its best. Michael Young, once again, has done a great job.

For more details about the products check the source: designboom



Michael Young Studio was founded in London in 1994 and incorporated in Hong Kong January 2006 by Mr. Michael Young, the studio is considered to be the most formidable presently in Asia and is bold enough to state that it is responsible for designing icons for its clients that live a lifetime, have won awards and are presented in museums globally. The key objective and mission of the company is to provide exclusive and quality design services within furniture, product and interior design markets. Michael Young’s studio has a very unique environment to work along side with and is one of a kind in Asia. The studio is specialist in creating the connection of modern design and technical abilities of the local industry, in this case Chinese. Rising from the momentum of collaboration with Chinese industrialists,
the studio captures the strengthening ties between local industry and design, and exemplifies the skills of Asia industry and manufacturing. We see the work not as Design but as Industrial Art where some of the highest levels of manufacturing have been employed to experiment with typologies and the creative relationships between individual and industry at affordable prices. The studio also maintains international relationship and works with clients globally.
In a career that spans little more than 15 years, British-born and Hong Kong based designer Michael Young, established himself from the very beginning as one of the world’s leading figures in his trade. Apart from his endlessly copied designs
and its unparalleled power to generate a vibrant but relaxed atmosphere, the uniqueness of his work also resides in his constant questioning of typologies and habits, combined with the pioneering passion for technology that after some time also brought him to Asia, continuously crossing borders and pushing innovation to its very limits in a fresh approach that effortlessly blends east and west, or past and future, while marrying the industry to what is often seen as its very opposite: sheer poetry. “It is design as industrial art that interests me, not in a limited edition, but in mass-production”.

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