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Nadim Karam Artist From Lebanon to the World | Art

Anyone who grew up in Beirut in the late 90’s would definitely remember Nadim Karam’s famous sculptures that were scattered around downtown Beirut before it was renovated. They looked odd back then, but I clearly remember asking my father to take us around in the car just to check them out every time we were around. They gave a breath of life to the once creepy and war engraved martyr square. Since then I kept hearing of Nadim Karam  and of his sculptures and works travelling around the globe. Below you will see a few of the sculptures and works he presented in the various continent.





In addition to the above projects , Nadim Karam recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton on a project for their boutique at the Mall of Emirates.

This project with Louis Vuitton  pays tribute to children as its fundamental and defining value by the opening of the first family room at Louis Vuitton stores by  presenting  The Travelling Elephant, an artwork created between Nadim Karam and a group of Dubai based international children, produced during a unique and emotional children’s art workshop at DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates. The art piece will be then donated for the benefit of START foundation in the Middle East.


“The Elephant evokes memories and journeys for me, but his shape very cute, wonderfully absurd. He is a traveler and we are all travelers in life, on real, metaphysical and spiritual journeys. And perhaps children in Dubai would know a little more about travelling than most.” – Nadim Karam.


About Nadim Karam

Nadim Karam received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the American University of Beirut and his PhD from Tokyo University in 1989. Nadim Karam started with experimental works and installations that have been exhibited around the world, as his series of wanderers [Beirut and Prague].

In 1996, he established Atelier Hapsitus, a studio that he defines as “the satellite grouping of young architects and designers around happenings and situations.” Atelier Hapsitus has become a vehicle for Karam’s unique oeuvre, boasting a number of works and projects that blend architecture, design and art and defy conventional modes of creativity and thought.

Recently, his architectural plan “The Cloud” made international headlines for its revolutionary ideas of how to reconfigure public space amidst Dubai’s growing cityscape. Initially submitted to the International Design Forum in Dubai in 2007, the concept outlined a massive public entertainment complex containing floating gardens, a lake, restaurants, a palace and a museum suspended in the air by rain-like stilts and covered with artificial condensation. Lauded as “mind-blowing” by The New York Times, Karam’s proposal commented on the need for communal space amidst a landscape characterized by private spaces, suggesting the endless socioeconomic possibilities created through advanced technology and avant-garde urban planning.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic post Sahar..I really love his work.. I could point it out throughout the city without knowing who the person was behind it. I think he has an installation in the new Beirut Waterfront District.

    I especially like the LV family room! Cute!

    April 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm

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