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Archive for April 11, 2011

The Style of Jolie | Jewelry by Angelina Jolie Launched

According to eOnline.com, Humanitarian actress Angelina Jolie, together with designer Robert Procop (ex CEO of Asprey) , has just launched a jewelry line called Style of Jolie, in Beverly Hills and is on display at Julien’s Auction House. The line will be for private viewing by invitation only. The money raised will be for Education for Children of Conflict.

According to Robert Procop’s website , they wanted this collection as elegant as Angelina Jolie is with her wonderful spirit and humanitarian heart. Robert Procop described this collection as reflecting Angelina Jolie’s various magnificent qualities and talents. Feminine yet bold. Each piece was uniquely designed, and the gems were carefully chosen.

You will find in the description of each piece the details and types used. Some pieces are labeled as “unique”; bearing in mind the aim behind this collection is providing a better life for those who are in need.




Nadim Karam Artist From Lebanon to the World | Art

Anyone who grew up in Beirut in the late 90’s would definitely remember Nadim Karam’s famous sculptures that were scattered around downtown Beirut before it was renovated. They looked odd back then, but I clearly remember asking my father to take us around in the car just to check them out every time we were around. They gave a breath of life to the once creepy and war engraved martyr square. Since then I kept hearing of Nadim Karam  and of his sculptures and works travelling around the globe. Below you will see a few of the sculptures and works he presented in the various continent.