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Donna Karan Tableware Collection Revealed



Back in October I posted about the world renowned fashion designer Donna Karan collaborating with Lenox to launch her tableware collection. Well now it is officially being sold in the U.S. and very soon in the U.K. The Donna Karan limited edition tableware is an exclusive line of limited home designs which are a showcase of many old world methods based on her personal travels to different exotic destinations of the world.


From Donna Karan:

Our new tableware & giftware collection is divine, and truly unlike anything out there. As a designer who is constantly traveling the world for inspiration, I’m drawn to beauty and uniqueness. Something hand-touched and with soul – yet also functions. Our tableware is exactly that – objects of desire that work every day, both informally and formally. Inspired by nature’s textures, everything – whether dinnerware, glassware or flatware — is tactile, yet incredibly simple and flexible. There’s a seven-easy-pieces system that goes day-into-evening, depending on what you pair it with. Ours is an item approach, selling open stock, so you can buy according to need and not in “place settings.” And the giftware pieces are beyond – each an artisan treasure to behold.

We partnered with Lenox Corporation to source incredible materials – bone china, crystal, blown glass and sculpted wood, crafted with artisan techniques sourced from all over the world. Organic shaping and hand-finishes are everywhere, whether it’s an irregular edge, a rippled or hammered texture or hand-applied metallic detailing. The best part is, aside from some of the limited-edition special items, nearly all pieces are dishwasher safe, including the crystal glassware, which is mercury-free.


My personal favorites are the Singing Bowls, which are made from 6 different metals and hand-crafted in a small village in Nepal. Gorgeous, timeless, lyrical and multi-functional, they’ll live in your home forever.





Source: Donna Karan

Pieces range from $500 to $3,500 [Lenox] [Neiman Marcus]

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  1. I love this video and esp the bowls. They are magic!

    June 15, 2011 at 2:08 am

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