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Vincent Dubourg Ruptured Designs | Art

The first impression you would get when viewing this piece of furniture is probably mixed. There is some kind of “violent beauty” to it. French artist Vincent Dubourg’s works are like that, full of thrills and an unexpected “exploding” character. Once you look closely, you will notice the beauty of the materials and quality of work. These pieces can not go unnoticed, you either love or hate them.

The art Dubourg has presented is not the conventional art, it does not rely of form, yet on the structure and interior of each piece.


Dubourg says: ‘I like the idea of creating something beautiful out of something broken.’ The combination of sleek materials very unlike the “torn apart” image is what draws you to look closer. He makes sure the pieces he creates can be functional and not just displays such as the shelves and staircase shown in the photos below.


The detail put into each piece is extraordinary, the staircase is actually just a piece of art.

” The banisters disappear into the walls, and on the ground floor, the supporting branches of wood (actually aluminum) appear to rip up panels of the parquet flooring as they sprout from the ground.”


About Vincent Dubourg | Biography

The poetic works of Vincent Dubourg evoke the power of nature. Often starting from a found object, he twists and bends young branches until they work harmoniously together, creating a dialogue between man and nature, between the conceptual and functional, and between hand-made and mass production.
“When I started with wood, it was like a game between two people, each trying to tame each other: a young branch, inflexible, and me, demanding. And this led us to find a harmonious whole, which is translated into a dance of curves. Only then can we develop an alphabet, which in turn leads to phrases that make a dialogue possible. So much so that when I take a young branch, we become one and I can then imagine its evolution. From this merger, I can translate the will of the item, as a devoted guide.”
Vincent Dubourg, 31, works between Paris and a small town in the Creuse region of France, where his studio is located. His latest work challenges all notions of contemporary furniture design embracing a complete openness towards found and natural materials. His unique pieces evoke a sense of the familiar and defy all attempts of present day categorization.
Dubourg describes his pieces as a fusion of furniture, architecture and sculpture. They strike a careful balance between practical and beautiful. He uses traditional furniture making techniques such as blowing glass, wood-bending and metal casting as a means of transforming simple materials and found objects. His distinct style is at once nostalgic and avant-garde.

Email : ateliervincentdubourg@wanadoo.fr

+33(0)6 76 92 42 90 | France

Website: http://www.vincent-dubourg.com/

2 responses

  1. This work has a fantastic “beetlejuice” feel to it – I really like it!

    Thanks for sharing – a wonderful post.

    March 28, 2011 at 8:04 pm

  2. ‘I like the idea of creating something beautiful out of something broken.’

    Love it! Great find. What personality and stories these pieces tell.

    March 29, 2011 at 4:52 pm

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