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Patchi Chocolate Boutique in Beirut | Retail Design


Lebanese chocolate makers Patchi have made huge impressions in the past few years in terms of image and design. Just a few meters away from their flagship store, Patchi opened a small chocolate boutique in the newly renovated historic Beirut Souks in downtown Beirut. The interior of this shop was designed by French architectural and interiors practice, L’Autre Fabrique.

In this boutique the approach was different than the previous shops. Instead of presenting chocolates as  "chocolate jewels"  on a plexiglass cone, they dedicated this shop to display their "Gourmandine" range with its wide variety.


The shop is only around 25m2 yet with double height. The use of the bright white is a smart move for attraction. The modern stripes and lines have become somehow synonymous with Patchi’s style. Boxes and chocolate bars are displayed on cantilevered shelves that run along the whole length of the wall and whose spacing varies to accommodate all sizes of products.


The shelves  incorporate a system of indirect lighting that allows the multiple perforations in the ceiling to be preserved. The counter is accented with an ebony veneer and an irregular shape to serve as a till and a display for new products. It is a small shop but serves the purpose.


Source: WAN

For more info about Patchi visit their website for all the details [Link]

One response

  1. This is absolutely fantastic! Patchi is easily one of the stores with the best visual merchandising. Other stores take note! Thanks for sharing!

    March 18, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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