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Kirk Originals Opens Flagship store | Shop Design

I love how the UK based designers at Campaign came up with such an artistic and bold concept for Kirk Originals eyewear London flagship store. The shop is located on Conduit street and has become a design icon in a very short time.

The aim of the design was to focus on the eyewear and eyes. Thus the use of a black and white color scheme including around 188 “winkies”  placed around the shop. There are no other pieces of furniture or “distractions”, which means the customer can only focus on the product.

Eye examination however will take place in the basement away from the display.

Kirk Originals is still run by its owners Jason and Karen Kirk who currently reside in France and who established it over 20 years ago. The brand is available worldwide.

The simplicity in their approach introduces a new way of branding which is less details and only implications. A passerby would know the nature of the merchandise sold just be seeing the winking eyes found in the display area and throughout the shop. This is the trend now, minimalist branding.

Flagship store contacts:

6 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XE


Tel: 020 7499 0060


One response

  1. This is just amazing! Ground breaking I should say..!! Amazing what can happen when design and business join forces..thanks for sharing Sahar.. Great find!

    March 1, 2011 at 10:01 pm

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