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L20 Restaurant in Chicago | Restaurant Design

The windy city may not be a vacation destination for those seeking warm weather getaways this season, but it is absolutely the road-trip to take if you are looking for some new modern design.  Dirk Denison Architects of Chicago, Illinois completed L20 Restaurant refurbishment design in 2008 by upgrading the originally class French fine dining restaurant into a contemporary seafood eatery.

Located in the Belden Stratford Hotel, the space successfully integrates clean modern lines with a sense of historical elegance.  The main entrance is defined by a grouping of ebony columns, allowing for the transition from the hotel lobby and into the restaurant.  The main dining room is one volume but manages to accommodate private spaces.  A series of Tatami-style dining areas were designed to be accessed from the main room, but experienced as intimate.  The subdued color palette of this 2010 AIA Chicago Award winner creates a restrained elegance.  Yellow cedar tables, frames, and sliding Shoji allow for flexible arrangements, and white leather chairs and caramel-hued settees add to the ambiance.

The hustle of the contemporary kitchen is buffered from the serenity of the dining room, but easily accessed. Custom tables and serving areas were designed to harmonize the world-class service. The “back-of-house” spaces are designed with equally high quality of finish and presence as the dining room, compliments to the chef and his staff.

Via : ChicTip


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