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Poggen Pohl Introduces +Artesio Kitchen for 2011

Poggenpohl’s latest kitchen concept, +Artesio,  created by star architect and designer Hadi Teherani, debuted at EuroCucina Milan Furniture Festival .

“The customizable +Artesio system includes not only cabinetry but also walls, floors, dining furniture and an independent ceiling with built-in ventilation, lighting and sound, delivering what Elmar Duffner, Poggenpohl’s chief executive, called a “room-in-room solution” that would be ideal for a high-ceilinged loft. A wide range of material choices for the cabinetry — including laminate, wood, glass and leather — allows for further personalization.”

Available in the U.S.  in January for about $25,000 to $64,000, I look forward however for the pricing in Kuwait, which would probably be about double.

Of their most popular lines, is the Porsche design P’7340. Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not simply designed rather perfectly designed. Luxury based on its purity: Porsche Design is unique. Every object is reduced to its basic function. Its derivation: a clearly structured, linear form. Its origins in automotive con­struction open up a whole new dimension: Move­ment. Opening. Closing. Folding and flap product features. An experience in technological and functional perfection. Only the most innovative materials of the highest quality are selected for production. The best in traditional craftsmanship combines with modern production technology.

Below are the other kitchens by Poggen Pohl. Very sleek and beutifully designed. For more info you can visit their website: Poggen Pohl




Porsche design Advent Calendar

Poggen Pohl in Kuwait : Sun city, Shoueikh                                      +965 2224 1330

Poggen Pohl in Beirut:  Atomium Tower Commercial, Achrafieh street  +961 1 205999



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