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Archive for December 16, 2010

Bottle Opener Cufflinks | Gift Ideas for Him

I love when a man wears cufflinks. The choice tells alot about his personality. I also like it when the cufflinks make a statement. These Bottle Opener Cufflinks for instance are not just a fashion statement but a fun solution.  With these cufflinks, the man is able to take the edge off awkward socialization at dressy events, sparking a conversation point at the open bar as he reveals the double usage of his wardrobe.

The cufflinks come off and the party is on- the one saving grace of those uncomfortable situations that dominate the instances of needing to dress like a penguin.

The stainless steel links have a bullet back and really do work as a fully functional bottle opener. The smooth design makes this playful modern gift more than just a novelty- they still put an ironically classy finishing touch to even the most formal outfit. Whether it’s a gift for you or a gift for him this piece allows expression through wardrobe and will stand out in the crowd.

The pair costs around $50.

Where to Buy: Think Geek

Source: foKal