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Flirtatious Tea Set | Blaue Blume by Undergrowth

This tea service by Tina Tsang of London design brand Undergrowth Design is the latest addition to the designer gifts on sale at our pop-up store The Temporium in London this December. Called Blaue Blume, the range features a pair of legs that stick out of the ceramic objects, forming handles and spoons.The collection includes a teapot, milk jug and tea cup all with legs for a handle, a cake stand, plates and a sugar bowl in the shape of a bathtub.Some of the products have an inscription on them, inviting you to use the object.The Temporium runs from 9-19 December at 221 Brompton Road, London.


Blaue Blume was first conceived in 2007 when Tina Tsang decided to fuse ceramics with handmade antique lace. Her interdisciplinary background in illustration, fashion and animation come through in the design of all her products. She creates products that had character, charm, wit and seductive qualities that are elements that make the range irresistible and adorable. Blaue Blume aims to transform the traditional ritual of afternoon tea into a fun and flirtatious affair.

Since the launch of the first teacup the range has expanded extensively due to demands and requests from catering companies and retailers. So far the range features a petit four stand (3 tiers with legs in whipped cream, mmm and a baby doll head), a milk jug, sugar bath (features a bathtub as the sugar container with legs as the sugar spoon), 3 sizes of cups, plates, a teapot and an ice cream bowl (features an upside down woman with upturned skirt). We have also made specific spoons to match the different cup sizes of the range in which E corresponds to the espresso cup, T for tea cup and C for coffee cup.

Other defining features include 9k gold shoes and inscriptions that are all handmade in London. Other products from undergrowth include: Interference range of salt and pepper shakers, Wash away soap dispenser, Art of the bottle, Lovesick bunnies, Atmospheric glass tumblers & wonderland cutlery.

”Undergrowth design breathes life into everyday objects to create an other- worldliness that tickles the imagination coupled with a mysterious or nostalgic feel. We love high attention to detail since we feel this part of the process enables a strong mood or feeling to be built by using the subtle details in the work. I also like to play with subconscious elements that create a strong sense of symbolism with memory evoking functions. We aim to make products that become an integral part of the customers identity and style and that is able to continually to enthral the user. We strive to make objects that become household conversation pieces.”

Source: Dezeen



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