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Artistic and Customizable Wallpaper | Bloom Papers





Wallpaper is back and better than ever. As a designer, I don’t always want to turn to elaborate designs that require expensive materials and too many details. At such times I need to convey an idea through a statement on a wall. Bloom Papers has come up with an innovative idea for wall-coverings. I loved their idea of having large digitally printed images on non-woven wallpaper. Dimensions and designs can be customized. But to save you from this hassle they have compiled a very large selection of works done by contemporary artists.




“Whether you are designing the interior of a brand new hotel, refurbishing a chic cosmopolitan bar, or creating an original look for your client’s city centre apartment, Bloom Papers offers an artistic and inventive way to create a lasting signature style.”












Benefits of non-woven wallpaper

It’s significantly stronger than normal wallpaper and does not expand when exposed to moisture

It is easy to hang and saves time due to the glue being spread on the wall and not the paper

It is strong and can be cut cleanly even when wet

It can be removed without soaking provided the correct adhesive has been used

It contains no substances which are harmful to the health or the environment

It is biodegradable

It is washable and has good light fastness


Below you can click on the album to check out a few designs I selected



Bloom Papers | Barcelona, Spain


Tel. +34 93 423 0933


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