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Quirky and Witty with Gary Salter | Photography

Gary Salter is a photographer based in London who produces bold images with a distinctive and unique photographic style and quirky sense of humor.


 Gary Salter creates humorous visuals of people completely out of their element. In a setting you would never expect them to be in.

Salter depicts an old hoodie-wearing guy skateboarding against a backdrop of graffiti and more elderly men recouping with oxygen tanks and intra-venous drips in the dressing room after what appears to have been a brutal soccer match. Another image has tough bikers having a tea party enjoying a day of knitting.






His witty photography is extremely well executed and according to cyanatrendland.com, “Gary has been busy on projects for Pimms, Air Miles, Ruffles, The Sun, Mercedes-Benz, Volvic and Sony Ericsson, with commissions from UK, European and US agencies.”

Below are a couple of his campaigns, I found the imagery very funny.


Behind the Scenes


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