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Archive for October 21, 2010

Ladurée : New Charm in Beirut


The first Ladurée shop opened its door in 1862, which makes it the oldest and most legendary of Parisian patisseries. They are especially famous for their  French macaroons, tiny meringue cakes with filling that literally melt in your mouth.This week Ladurée opened in Beirut, Lebanon, Beirutrestaurants.com provided exclusive photos on their site. The display looks charming , a typical attribute of their shops worldwide. The location of the patisserie embraces the overall image of Ladurée.


From a Designer’s Journal: When to Draw the Line

Seriously, I love every client I have worked with, even those who have made me suffer endless days and nights. Each one of them has imprinted memories in my head that I will never forget. Many people don’t realize how personal the relationship with  interior designer gets and forget that this is the person they will be sharing very intimate details with. But how close should the relationship be?

As in every industry, you have to understand your client. You have to listen, absorb, and analyze. The world is full of different tastes, similar to finger prints, almost no two are the same. Trust me I have been a witness of disastrous family fights over a toilet seat or a light bulb. If your design fails, it means you have not listened.

But when is being close too much? When do you draw the line?