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The Workaholic’s Stylish Desk

My friends, meet MILK, a very stylish and practical desk that keeps you clutter free & organized.

“Truly unique product. Soren first designed it for himself and his MAC computer.
Available now in 3 size ranges [SKIMMED MILK _ 160 x 90 cm; MILK 1 _ 140 x 80 cm; GRANDE MILK 180 x 80 cm], offered in white high gloss lacquer (or in ‘soft touch’ black, a material comprising minuscule rubber pellets set in a matt lacquer base providing a softer surface) with a solid 60 mm MDF table top on massive aluminum or chrome foot with height adjustment button. The desk houses 2 cable exits [no visible wires – except power!], an integrated front file, four modular square spaces that can be used as garbage bins, pencil holders, an iPod drawer or even as an aquarium.
If you like sleek aesthetics, smart functions, absolute quality and whether you use a MAC or not, this table will definitely fulfill your desires.”

I definitely want one!






For more info: MILK

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