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Archive for September 23, 2010

10 Best of … Coffees

I personally am always in search of references for the best of everything, that’s one of the reasons I refer to Nathaniel and Andrew Lande’s expertise, experience, and reviews. Below is a list of their selection for the best coffees,a review which was done in 2008. Coffee lovers will criticize, as this is a matter of taste, as the case is with all gourmet food and beverage items. Although the brands listed are  American brands, as we all know the bean origin varies from continent to another. Bring your cup and enjoy !

1- Peet’s Coffee

Each day they hand-roast 32 varieties of coffee in small batches then ship them within 24 hours to give the freshest, most deeply flavored cup of coffee possible.Peet’s sample each batch to make sure the roast tastes just right.  www.peets.com

2- Terroir

They specialize in medium roast styles that bring out the character of the green coffee. They sell only single origin coffees no blends. Terroir™ freezes its green coffee in nitrogen flushed containers. The reason behind this strategy is because they believe that one should not blend truly fine coffees, just like one does not blend fine wines, because they are already complete statements.