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Lighting Statements: Impressive Chandeliers


How are designers inspired?  No one knows what exactly, anything could inspire us, but what really helps is the client’s attitude and extent of flexibility. In “flexibility” I mean how much he is willing to allow the designer to create in addition to the budget limit he/she sets for the project.

This Chandelier called “Bacterioptica “ is made of  petri dishes (dishes biologists use to culture cells) and 15000 feet of Fiber optic cables. The interesting thing about this chandelier is the story behind it, its why I mentioned how clients shape our designs in many ways.

According to the designers, MADLAB, it is “designed to be adaptive, not only in its form and mechanics, but more importantly, in the way it evolves.  Bacterioptica is not your typical chandelier, just as no family is a typical unit of interactions. Its on/off switch does not control it. Bacterioptica is alive. It grows. It is itself a household organism. It is living and breathing the same air and bacteria we are. It is designed to synchronize with the life of a very unique New Jersey household, comprised of two parents, three children, a dog, and one hell of an extended family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, not to mention house plants, insects, allergens, fungi, and billions of bacteria that live with, on and among all humans."


MADLAB is an award-winning and internationally published architecture firm noted for its research and innovative design services. We approach every project with a creative collaborative mindset and expanded understanding of the diverse and complex factors that influence wonderful design- from interior fixtures to urban environments.

MADLAB was Founded in 2003 by Petia Morozov and Jose Alcala, the firm is comprised of design professionals who reflect MADLAB’s commitment to environmental sensitivity, intelligent creativity and client service. Each of our projects is the result of a unique vision, with a masterful expression of space, materials and systems.


 Swarovsky Crystal Palace

Another design house not just promoting luxury materials in their lighting fixtures but working with talented designers to create breathtaking chandeliers is  Swarovsky Crystal Palace.

The Topograph by Karim Rashid for Swarovsky Crystal Palace is a depiction of the Tyrolian Mountains, home to Swarovski Headquarters.


Interiors Fair: Abitare Il Tempo -Sept. 16-20, 2010

Location: VeronaFiere, Verona, Italy


Abitare il Tempo has been the most exclusive trade fair for interior design, an event which reaches across the entire product range at the highest level,is turning 25 this year.

Trades included in this annual fair are: Furniture, Upholstered furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Lighting, Textiles, Carpets, Drapes, Household linen, Designer ranges, Tableware,  Decorative accessories, Paintings, Children’s furniture, Flooring, Coverings, Doors, Staircases, Handles, Outdoor furniture.

The fair constitutes of : 8 exhibition halls covering 100,000 square meters; 600 exhibitors including 75 from 20 foreign countries (data awaiting FKM certification).

Abitare il Tempo is the only exhibition in the sector whose data is certified by FKM.

Among the exhibitors you will find these very popular brands that are known to be trendsetters across the various sectors, such as:



Can’t wait to see what the new releases are, if you are nearby it would be a great opportunity to check it out.